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We developed unique and custom solutions for companies such as:

Welcome to OPAL a division of NRT Technology Corp..

Opal has been providing automated distribution solutions for almost a full CENTURY. While our products have changed dramatically over time, our commitment to providing stellar customer service remains the same as does our ongoing effort to provide the equipment that our customers need using the latest of continuously evolving technology.

From delivering Postage stamp booklet dispensers in the 1940's to electronic kiosks that sell mobile telecom time, on-line and in real time, we have always delivered robust and reliable solutions.
Opal equipment can be found in over 50 countries world wide accepting a multitude of currencies as well as credit and debit payment applications.


The functionality of almost all of the equipment that we produce is transaction based. This makes it possible for our clients to create an easy to understand ROI (return on investment) for each application.

Opal's primary focus has been in producing equipment for vending prepaid telecom products, namely cards for long distance calling, cards for mobile top up, PIN printing at the time of sale and real time on-line account top up. We also specialize in vending equipment for transit tickets and passes and produce equipment to vend debit cards, government revenue stamps, postage stamps and map booklets.

Opal is now in it's 20th year under the current ownership.

Our clients include the market leaders in their industries.

Please explore our site and review our capabilities. Our business is built on solid products and solid relationships. Please don't hesitate to contact us so we can begin to develop a relationship with you and your company.