About OPAL



OPAL has been designing and manufacturing vending solutions for over 70 years.  We have been a leader in the delivery of prepaid Telecom worldwide for the past 15+ years.  The Opal product has come to be identified as the one to utilize in high profile accounts and large volume locations.


Some examples of these locations and accounts include, but are not limited to:


      1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, selling AT&T Prepaid products.


      2000 Olympic games in Australia, selling Telstra Products.


      2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, selling AT&T Products


      90% share of all major airports in North America


      85% share of all truck stops in North America


      Several Major European, US and Asian Airports including Heathrow (London, England), Zurich (Switzerland), Charles DeGaulle (Paris, France) Singapore International Airport (Singapore), Incheon (Korea), all three airports serving New York City, Dallas, San Francisco and several others within Canada and the USA.


      All U.S. Military installations worldwide including ships, bases etc.


      Clients in over 50 countries from North, Central and South Americas to the Middle East, Asia, Russia and many European Countries.  Current list available upon request.


      Real time top-up machines for major carriers on virtually every Island in the Caribbean (starting in 2005).Opal exclusively has been providing self service Kiosk solutions to both carriers, LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless) and Digicel. Together they supply over 90% share of the telecom solutions throughout the Caribbean.


      ePIN and Bill Pay Kiosks throughout the Middle East, including UAE, Egypt and Kuwait since 2002.


      Creation and installation of multiple ePIN delivery solutions, including an automated (server based solution) since 2003.Opal has been the pioneer in delivering self service solutions, worldwide to the Telecom community (since 1992). These solutions include:


Vending of Prepaid scratch cards


Vending SIM cards


Vending prepaid electronic PINs


Vending Wifi PINs


Vending prepaid Long Distance PINs


Vending a handset, battery and charger, Cell in box solution


Creating direct fixed and variable top-ups directly to prepaid handsets (PIN-less)


Bill pay solutions for postpaid customers


Transportation ticketing solutions for Transportation Agencies such as PATH (Port Authority New York New Jersey), St Petersburg Russia., Albany NY. Denver Co, Transport  Authoritieswith several repeat orders since 2002.



      OPAL has designed and manufactured several closed debit card solutions. This includes dispensing and adding value to the cards utilizing several technologies including IC chip cards, magnetic stripe etc.


      Other applications include Postal Stamp Vending, government stamp vending, prepaid hotel, prepaid long distance and wireless, laundry services, gift cards and several other applications


     OPAL has developed kiosk interfaces in order to deliver EPINS (as well as real-time flexible prepaid recharges) to interact and communicate with several functional back office (middle-ware) systems. These include but are not limited to Emida and More Magic.


     The US Postal System has utilized Opals dispensers to exclusively vend their postage booklets for the past 20+ years   


OPAL has taken a focused business view of automating prepaid (and in some cases post-paid) payments within the telecom sector. The company has been rolling out some machines with some key carriers and is on test currently with other Primary Regional Carriers and their key distributors. The industry has finally started to embrace (and document) the extremely fast ROI that they experience once Opals machines are employed.


If you need an automated solution to deliver a product directly to your consumer, call OPAL today.  We have a solid history of delivering cost effective dependable solutions for any market.